Terms and Conditions

Your Duty of Disclosure.
We rely on the information you provide us with, to decide whether to insure you and the terms on which we will insure you and you have a Duty of
Disclosure to us. To comply with your Duty of Disclosure before you enter into the policy or vary, renew, extend, reinstate or replace it, you must tell us
everything that you know, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances, could be expected to know, is relevant to our decision whether to insure you
and, if so, on what terms. You do not have to tell us anything that is common knowledge that we should know through our business, that reduces the risk of a
claim or that we tell you we do not need to know. If you fail to comply we may be entitled to reduce or deny any claim you make and/or cancel the policy.
If you fraudulently keep information from us or deliberately make false statements we may avoid your contract and treat your insurance as if it never existed.

Privacy Act Requirements.
The Privacy Act 1988 contains National Privacy Principles which require us to tell you that we collect, handle, store and disclose your personal and sensitive
information in order for us to provide you with and inform you about insurance and insurance related services. To do this we may communicate your
personal information to our service providers. This will always be done as permitted by the relevant privacy legislation. Please read the Privacy Policy (see below)
for further details.

Financial Services Guide.
Before you begin completing this online application you need to download and carefully read our Financial Services Guide to fully understand the policy.
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